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At Future Scholars, we have a unique philosophy that enables children to develop their own sense of self and community to the fullest. Our focus is on the whole child. Our programs and activities are designated to foster all aspects of a child’s growth – social, cognitive, motor, and emotional development. We create a safe and caring environment that encourages the child to explore and test their developing abilities.


We strive to provide each and every child with the best possible, developmentally sound environment where they can learn and grow. The curriculum includes art, music, reading and math readiness activities, science and nature study, creative movement, stories and field trips.


We provide care to children from 6 weeks of age to 5 years of age on a full time basis and offer three different programs based on the child’s age, abilities, and maturity. Parents are welcome to visit at any time.

Infant Program

Singing songs, acting out finger plays, reading simple stories, keeping rhythms, and assisting the child with sitting up, standing and taking their first steps are some of the activities that are part of our Infant Program.



Toddler Program

Our Toddler Program provides a safe, nurturing environment that empowers toddlers with the opportunity to explore and increase their knowledge by potty training introduction, feeling, tasting, touching and seeing the world around them. Each day, a variety of activities will be available, some of which include letter and number introduction, blocks, an art project, dramatic play and a large muscle activity.



Preschool Program

Each week a different and exciting theme will be explored cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically. The children will develop an understanding for the theme and able to relate facts, terms and principles based on that theme. We will prepare your child for kindergarten by incorporating Mathematics, Language Arts and Literacy.




"We were very concerned about placing our son in a day care where all he would do is play and watch TV. We were happy to say Future Scholars Child Care has eased all of our worries. Future Scholars is more than just a day care; the children are constantly learning. He can now sing nursery rhymes, button and unbutton his sweater, identify coin denominations, and read simple sentences. Future Scholars Child Care also played a tremendous role with potty training. This was a big milestone, however with their dedication he is now fully potty trained. We are very confident when Carter begins Pre-Kindergarten in September of this year he will have all the necessary academic and social skills for him to excel".

Thank you FS!

Events & Workshops

Early Learning


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Ages 3 - 5


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